collaboration wormholes, distance is no longer an obstacle

2014 & the global village is a real.  Distance is no longer an obstacle.


To ensure everyone is working toward a common goal, to save time and money, and to make business more efficient, modern society demands the ability to work together across distances.  Instantly, easily and effectively, collaborating with colleagues in other locations as if you were in the same room drives social & business goals. We easily share personal moments, information, concepts and plans or discuss and brainstorm ideas together. Everyone participates regardless of their geographical location.  The collaborative document is distributed instantly, ensuring that all participants have a record of the meeting’s outcome.


Autodesk Research has two collaboration rooms setup, one at their offices at One Market in San Francisco, Pier 9 and a mated one located in Toronto. Their intent is to create a “wormhole” between Toronto and San Francisco that will be “always on” during business hours. The idea is to have both locations work together on research projects.  (see the article in It’s Alive in the Lab)