2d Quantity Takeoff Navisworks

Navisworks 2015 now supports 2d takeoff’s from image files!

Sort of.  Wait, what?

While it would be great to import .JPG or better yet .PDF files right into Navisworks that is just not possible.  Hang on, I thought you just said 2D image files?  That’s right I did (because that’s what Autodesk said) BUT the only 2D file that is importable is the .DWFX format.  Ahhh – design review might not be dead after all!

Ok so I can get the designer to export their BIM file sheets to .DWF, no problem right.  Right, again sort of.  Just be careful importing the 2D sheets in from a .DWF as you will also get the 3D geometry, which is ok but I already have that from the .RVT file I appended so a quick hide will remove the excess 3D information.  (This annoyed me at first but after a little thought I realized that the exporting program might not be available and so having the 3D available in the .DWF is probably a good thing.)

Hang on, my designer only wants to give out .PDF files Sad smile

No worries they have probably made those .PDF’s using a proxy print driver from the cad application right?  Well we can simply re-print the .PDF through a proxy .DWF print driver that you can get here.

This is not limited to .PDF files, oh no!  Anything you can send to a printer an be sent to the .DWF printer instead, as a sample I give you a quick sample not of evolution but of BIMolution BIMolution

And as inserted in my Navisworks 2015:Screen Shot 05-10-14 at 10.39 PM